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Our Hybrid Laying Birds

We have hybrid laying hens available all year round.

These are the birds we thoroughly recommend for first-time keepers or hen lovers that want a bird that is easy to look after, friendly and give you lots of eggs. Gone are the days that you only had a choice of a standard brown hen, they now come in a range of lovely colours to enable you to have individual looking birds for easy naming. Also, we have a good selection of girls that lay different coloured eggs, blue, green, white and all shades of brown.

We have also been working on a selection of hybrid bantams for those of you that have a smaller space or prefer bantam eggs.

What Are Hybrids

Hybrid hens have been developed through selectively cross-breeding the most productive strains of pure-breed layers.

A strain is a family line which has a particularly desirable feature, as far as the breeder is concerned. This might be a good record of eggs laid, good shell quality or excellent feathering. While some characteristics of the original parent stock may remain, the majority of the hybrid hens are specially bred to be docile, not to go broody and to lay numerous eggs in their first year.

Because of the way these birds are bred, you are unlikely to breed a similar looking bird if you were to use a hybrid cockerel with a hybrid hen. The offspring could look like any of the many generations before.

Our hybrid girls come in to us at 16 weeks old, at this age they have finished their vaccination programme (which can be seen on the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ page). There are only a small number of commercial rearing houses in the country and all they hybrids are raised here to supply poultry retailers all over the country. These birds are vaccinated as most of them are bred for commercial laying houses and with thousands of birds in a shed should one become ill your in trouble! You would be very unlikely to get these diseases in the back garden environment.

Please have a look at the hybrids we have to offer and we hope to see you soon.

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