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Monday – 9.00am till 5pm including bank holidays

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I opened the business in 2008 leaving a full time office job to follow my passion and dream.  I have been keeping poultry for the last 20 years and over the last 13 years we have built a lovely business. This was a hobby that got out of control, starting with 3 chickens, I know a lot of you will relate to that. PLEASE BE AWARE THIS HOBBY IS ADDICTIVE !

We have now grown to around 2,000 birds, Sheep, Donkeys, Pigmy Goats, Horses, a large shop on site and now selling on-line too. We were the first poultry establishment to offer holiday boarding facilities and have built a great reputation from our outstanding aftercare service. The welfare of the birds is most important to us so please pick up the phone if you are unsure of your birds health.

For those of you who live further afield we now offer on-line purchases of feed, accessories, hatching eggs and even birds that can be delivered to your door

Welcome to Page’s Poultry which is run by our little family – Susie Page, Leon Fallows and Paige Fallows. We have bred and shown many different types and colours of poultry over the years and aim to provide something for everyone. We pride ourselves on our friendly, informative approach and specialise in helping newcomers to the poultry world. A full aftercare service is only a phone call away! We encourage and welcome anyone to come and have a look, seek advice and browse our many breeds which include Orpington’s, Wyandotte’s and many more.

We also have ducks, geese, quail, turkeys, peafowl, budgies, pigeons and guinea fowl at certain times of year. Our small holding is based near Burton On Trent, Staffordshire in the Midlands. Please see our opening times and drop in whenever suits you!! We are open to the public so feel free to have a nice wander when picking up your poultry essentials. No appointment necessary within opening hours.

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A common question we get asked is ‘do we need to provide anything extra for our chickens in the winter?’

You do not need to provide heat for them during the winter months but you can provide the ingredients they need to make their own heat. You will find that chickens will eat a lot more during the winter, this is to increase their fat layer to keep themselves warm and also because their is less natural food source around the garden. Extra corn during the winter will help with this. We offer several mixed corns, some with added seeds offering different oil sources.

Also with the chickens paddling the wet and mud back into their coops it is important to clean the coop more often, making sure their bedding is always nice and dry.

Extra vitamins and minerals is also a nice additive for them during this time especially if your birds choose this time to moult, these can be added into the water or feed. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help and advice.


New Covid Update – 12.12.20

We will continue to be open during the covid period as we sell an essential item ‘Animal Feed’. Service will still be from the gate and there is a doorbell on the post to let us know you are there. 

Payments can be taken by cash, card or bank transfer. Items can also be ordered on our website and we are launching a courier service for delivery too. 

Our shop is fully stocked with poultry accessories and we have a wide range of feed and bedding.

Birds are still available if you are visiting to collect essential items. A list will be updated as often as possible but it may be wise to contact us to check availability. 

Please use the sanitiser available at the gate and respect the distancing rules whilst being served.  We hope everyone stays safe and we are here to help with your poultry should you need us.

Susie, Leon and the boss (Paige). 

Bird Flu

So this is the year that keeps on giving!! We are now entering a period of Bird Flu lockdown. Where-ever possible keep your birds in and if this is not possible in a covered or netted run.

Please don’t worry and panic, its highly unlikely you would get bird flu in your back garden if you follow the DEFRA guidelines. If you need any help or advice please call us.  

Top tips for keeping your birds from getting bored. Hang cabbages or old CD’s for the birds to play with. They like to peck at the cabbages and they love the shiny reflection of the cds. 



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