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Our Ducks

We have a nice selection of ducks available, from large pure breeds, bantams, calls and our own dual purpose breed. 

Our advice when thinking about having ducks is to get your pen set up correctly. They love to dabble and can make the ground quite muddy in wet weather. Therefore either give them plenty of space or be prepared to either us gravel or woodchip especially around the area of their bath. 

Ducks don’t need huge amounts of water but they must have enough to wash themselves. If they can’t the mud strips the oils out of the feathers leaving them no longer waterproof and eventually this will kill them.

The ideal food for ducks is a waterfowl pellet but they will eat chicken layers pellets and corn.

Ducks are relatively easy to look after and don’t tend to suffer much from mites. However it is very important to keep them wormed up to date. Most of our customers use the Verm X layers pellets containing a natural wormer. 

Housing for ducks can be very simple, it’s only there to keep them safe from predators at night, ducks would happily live outdoors all the time if their enclosure was safe.

Please enjoy having a browse of the breeds we offer and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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