Breeders Of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl And Quail

Our Pure Breed Chickens

Over the years we have built up quite a collection of pure breed chickens, some are our personal family birds, both Paige and I love to show our chickens. Others we have collected because we love them. In each breed I have endeavoured to get good stock that reflects the standards for that breed. 

Pure breeds are not vaccinated due to being hatched in smaller numbers than the hybrids and by us and not a commercial site, the vaccines only come in batches of 1000’s.

The breeding pens have now been put together for the 2021 season so you can have a look what will be available for next year on the tabs to the left of the page.

We will have hatching eggs, chicks, and point of lay available from these birds at certain times of the year which will be on the ‘Shop Page’. The birds are always available for you to view and can be seen at Page’s Poultry.

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