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Our Quail

Quail are fascinating creatures which don’t need as much space as chickens to be happy. Ideal for the smaller garden or back yard. You can even have a go at breeding quail as the male sounds like a wild bird which is unlikely to upset the neighbours opposed to the sound of a cockerel at 5am. 

These birds can lay up to 2 eggs a day as the production cycle takes less time than a hen. 

A few quail egg facts – 

  1. Quail eggs help to control diabetes as it is low in carbohydrates and low calories.
  2. Anti-Aging Agent – they contain antioxidants, essential fatty acids plus vitamins A,B & E
  3. Quail eggs for allergy sufferers – we have many customers that have quail as they are allergic to eggs but quail eggs don’t cause any reactions.
  4. Quail eggs are 5 times smaller than a hen egg but 2 quail eggs contain more vitamins than a hen egg.

We feed our quail on quail breeders pellets, they come under game birds and therefore need a higher protein diet.

With quail eggs being a delicacy they demand a premium price and the costs to keep them are low.   

We are building our range of quail so please see what we have available.

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