Hatching eggs

Hatching eggs are sent out in polystyrene boxes in either 6’s or 12’s. Delivery by first class post, costs start at  £4.50 or free collection. Special delivery can be done at and extra cost (prices start at £8.50) to ensure the swift arrival of your eggs.

Customers can mix and match their eggs to make up the numbers you do not have to stick to one breed. If you need any help or advice regarding the nature of the breeds please contact us.

Our eggs are continually checked for fertility as we are hatching birds from our stock all season. We do however offer a fertility guarantee of 3 out of 6 eggs,  most of the time it will be higher. This only covers infertile eggs I’m afraid and not eggs that don’t develop fully or don’t hatch.

1. The infertile eggs must be sent/brought back for validation.
2. They must be returned within 15 days of purchase.
3. The buyer will pay the postage when returning the eggs, we will pay the postage to replace the eggs.
If you require more than 6 eggs please contact us for a postage quote

Japanese QuailJapanese Coturnix Quail £4.00 per dozen
Italian Coturnix Quail£5.00 per dozen
Rosetta Tuxedo Coturnix Quail£8.00 per dozen
Japanese Tuxedo Coturnix Quail£7.00 per dozen
English Coturnix Quail£7.00 per dozen