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Are you ready to meet with a fun, friendly, quirky chicken with personality and good looks? Well, wait no more here they are!

There are few birds that comes close to being as outrageously blessed with head feathers.
They sport 1970s’ hairdo’. The female looking like shes been to the hair salon and the male looking as if he was pulled through a hedge backwards!

They are actually a good layer of white eggs and rarely go broody but all this is eclipsed by its unusual appearance and so became an ‘ornamental’ breed and was bred for appearance rather than eggs.


The head feathers of both sexes grow up and then cascade over her head and face, sometimes causing visual problems. Some people trim these or tape them up.

Polish chickens can also be bearded (depending on the variety), which sees a profusion of feathers around the head and face.
The rooster has the unusual butterfly shaped comb which often gets lost in his head feathers. 

The majority of people buy Polish for their backyard flock as something ‘different’. They are a bird sure to make you smile when you see them! They are good to raise with small kids in mind because of their gentle nature and children seem to be unable to resist holding and cuddling them – all of which the Polish hen will tolerate very well.

If your home flock is packed with assertive breeds such as Hybrids, Rhode Islands, Welsummers’ etc. the Polish may be picked on. They tend to be low in the pecking order because of their docile nature and good temperament – and pulling the head feathers seem to be irresistible to some birds!

Finally, the head feathers are especially prone to infestations of lice or mites, so the hens need to be checked regularly before the problem becomes especially troublesome.

  • Country of origin: Netherlands
  • Number of eggs: 200 Medium
  • Egg color: white
  • Size: Bantam and Large
  • Colours: Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Chamois, Splash
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