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Hi Micky,

I have a trio of Cayuga ducks for you, they will be off heat and ready to go in a couple of weeks.

Regarding the Guinea fowl, I have got about 4 babies at the moment. You could have them now but they would need to be under a heat lamp. If you want them off heat ready to go outside they will be another 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately till they are fully grown I am unable to sex them. Let me know what you would like to do.

Hope the girls have settled in well with yours! 😊

Speak soon.


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> Phone: 07985 021787
> Subject: various
> Message: Hi Susie, I came to see you a few weeks
> ago to purchase a few pekins (including frazzle
> cockerel) and also put my name down for a few
> guinea fowl and Cayuga ducks which were to hatch
> soon. I was just wondering if you have an update
> at all as I’ve got some trips planned and wanted
> to make sure things don’t clash. Thanks, Micky
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