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Hi Tracy,

I’m so pleased the chickens are doing well and it certainly sounds like you are enjoying yourself!!

Regarding the quail, it sounds perfect having them outside during the summer and inside during the winter. And it should be no problem sorting out a set up on a budget, no need to spend a fortune! A rabbit hutch is perfect but I would go for one close to the ground, maybe only a few inches off the ground. I don’t think they will go up a ladder much higher as they a ground birds. You can quite often find them of the freebie sites!

Any other questions shout and let me know when your ready for the quail.



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> On 13 Jun 2016, at 13:56, Page’s Poultry wrote:
> Name: Tracy Bates
> Email:
> Phone: 07826165553
> Subject: Quails
> Message: Hi Susie, our 5 new chickens are settled
> in nicely, earning their keep making compost and
> laying eggs, even got a double yoker in the first
> clutch, happy days. we are considering adding
> Quail to the menagerie now and need a bit of
> advice about housing before we visit you for our
> birds. we want to be able to move them into the
> shed in the winter and keep them outdoors in the
> warmer weather, we are doing this on a budget and
> have been looking on e-bay for housing,
> could we house them in a guinea pig hutch and run
> as they don’t need a nest box like the chickens
> do?
> will they go up and down a ramp if we got a style
> with a run underneath?
> thank you for all your help and advice I look
> forward to hearing from you
> happy Chicken Chasing
> Tracy Bates
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