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Versele Laga Parrot Fruit Mega - Prestige - 15kg



Versele Laga Parrot Fruit Mega – Prestige – 15kg

Versele Laga Prestige Parrot Fruit Mega is a coarse seed, nut & grain mixture that is especially desirable amongst the larger parrot species. An ideal maintenance feed for medium to large sized parrots. A coarse grain mixture ensures that the digestive system can work effectively & get the most out of the bird’s food.

Dried fruits are also added into the mix to add a variation in the texture of the feed.


Striped sunflower seeds 39%, White sunflower seeds 28%, Maize 5%, Peeled peanuts 4%, Oats 4%, Pine nuts 3%, Popcorn 3%, Popped wheat 2%, Pea flakes 2%, Papaya 2%, Dried raisins 2%, Buckwheat 2%, Banana chips 2%, Red peppers 1% & Pumpkin kernels 1%


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Weight 15 kg