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Versele Laga Big Parakeet Prestige 20kg



Versele Laga Big Parakeet Prestige 20kg


Versele-Laga Prestige Big Parakeet is a very complete mixture for all large parakeets. This high quality seed mix contains a wide range of premium quality seeds that have been rigorously tested to suit the natural diets of big parakeets.

  • Parakeet Seed Mix
  • Premium Quality
  • With Red & Yellow Millet


Yellow millet 32%, Red millet 10%, Peeled oats 9%, Canary seed 9%, Striped sunflower seeds 6%, Wheat 5%, Cardy 5%, White millet 4%, Rapeseed 4%, Hempseed 4%, White sunflower seeds 3%, Linseed 3%, Paddy rice 2.5%, Peeled peanuts 1.5%, Niger seed 1% & Japanese millet 1%

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Weight 20 kg