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Nettex Virocur Disinfectant 1kg



Virocur Disinfectant

A peroxygen based, broad spectrum disinfectant powder. Use diluted to disinfect poultry housing and equipment, it is DEFRA approved for Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular Disease, Diseases of Poultry and General Orders.

  • Effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses.
  • Highly concentrated for cost efficient application
  • For use when disinfecting, hard surfaces, housing (coops), equipment, vehicles, drinkers and feeders and can also be used as a highly effective boot dip.

Due to the rise in number of cases of Avian Influenza and to reduce the risk of disease in your flock, it is imperative that backyard chicken owners follow the Biosecurity advice from the Animal and Plant Health Authority (APHA), including

  • Maintaining high hygiene standards through the use of DEFARA-approved disinfectants

Solution can be mixed in a bucket or applied using a pressure washer or knapsack if desired.

Use at 0.5% dilution (see table below).

For terminal disinfection within animal housing, transport and veterinary surgeries use at 1% dilution (see table below).


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