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Intelec 150w Clear Heat Bulb - CLEAR Infra-red



Intelec 150w Clear Heat Bulb

The Tusk Intelec ES27 Hard Glass Infra-Red Bulb has been designed to offer the correct amount of heat for animals such as puppies, kittens, lambs, reptiles and chicks when they are at those crucial early stages of life.

Made from hard glass, the bulb is splash resistant and strong against any boisterous young animal. With a long service life, the bulb will see you through many generations of animal babies.
  • 150 watt
  • ES27 screw
  • CE Marked
  • Splash Resistant
Intelec specialise in electrical heating, lighting and control systems that are used in agriculture, known for their reliable and precise designs that offer years of service.

Each product in their range is tested against vigorous industry standards, ensuring that they are safe to use and will be kind to all breeds of animal

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Weight .275 kg