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Harkers Rid Mite 500ml



Harkers Rid Mite 500ml concentrate

RIDMITE is a synergistic blend of cationic, amphoteric, non-ionic
surfactants, chelates and silicones.

Non insecticidal
Disrupts bio films
Effective for controlling Red Mite in Poultry Houses, Pigeon Lofts,
Hen Coops and Rabbit Hutches
Controls within 48 hours
Up to six weeks’ protection
Sanitises against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts
Can be used without removing birds or rabbits

Ridmite is a safe and odourless liquid concentrate which must be diluted with water
as directed and filled into a spray bottle before spraying onto red mite and their
eggs. Ridmite entraps the mites, penetrates the cuticle and dissolves the shell of
their eggs thus desiccating them.

DILUTION RATES (parts Ridmite to clean water)
Initial treatment and for heavy infestations of red mite:
1part Ridmite : 10 parts water
Maintenance treatment:
1part Ridmite : 20 parts water

Spray all surfaces of the livestock house with low pressure spray, paying particular
attention to cracks and crevices. Spray until the point of run off (saturate all
surfaces). Repeat at weekly intervals until control is achieved.
Livestock do not have to be removed during the treatment process.

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