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Diatom Liquid RTU Spray 1ltr - Diatomaceous earth in liquid format



Diatom Liquid

Ready-to-use spray solution for the effective control of red mite

Active ingredient: 20% silica / kieselguhr / diatomaceous earth (CAS 61790-53-2)

Key points

The power of Diatom without the dust!

  • Long term protection from Red Mite
  • Can be used with poultry in the coop
  • Easy to Use
  • Odourless
  • Naturally occurring product

General properties

Diatom liquid is used in poultry and ornamental bird keeping to control the red mite without treating the animals themselves. It is a ready-to-use liquid solution that has to be shaken well before use and then used directly. The areas to be treated (perches, laying nests, moldings, mite hides, etc.) should be made accessible and cleaned before use.


Instructions for use

• Shake Diatom liquid well and then spread a uniform spray directly onto affected areas and paths of the insects with a spray distance of approx. 30 cm. At first, the surface is wet. Once dried, a uniform fine white deposit of diatomaceous earth forms.

• After successful treatment, the dust layer can be left behind, thereby preventing long-term infestation. If attacked again, the application can be repeated.

• To prevent clogging, thoroughly rinse the spray head with water after each use

Additional information

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