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Country Living Dy-Nomite 500g Red Mite Powder



Country Living Dy-Nomite 500g Red Mite Powder

A highly effective natural way to help prevent the presence of Red Mite in your poultry house.

Based on Diatomaceous Earth, the directional nozzle makes it easy to get into all the poultry house nooks and crannies.

Use regularly as part of your cleaning routine.

It is always advisable to wear a mask and gloves when using this product.

Can also be used to help prevent lice on birds.

Directions for use:

  • Di-nomite works by puncturing the exoskeletons of mite and other insects and dehydrating them. It is an inert substance that is so safe that hens can eat it, where it helps control internal parasites. Treat the hen house liberally, paying particular attention to cracks crevices, corners and the end of perches.
  • When applying to birds, puff around the body (avoiding the head) and particularly under the wings and around the vent.
  • It is advisable to use a face mask for prolonged use

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