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Winter is here!!

A common question we get asked is ‘do we need to provide anything extra for our chickens in the winter?’

You do not need to provide heat for them during the winter months but you can provide the ingredients they need to make their own heat. You will find that chickens will eat a lot more during the winter, this is to increase their fat layer to keep themselves warm and also because their is less natural food source around the garden. Extra corn during the winter will help with this. We offer several mixed corns, some with added seeds offering different oil sources. 

Also with the chickens paddling the wet and mud back into their coops it is important to clean the coop more often, making sure their bedding is always nice and dry.

Extra vitamins and minerals is also a nice additive for them during this time especially if your birds choose this time to moult, these can be added into the water or feed. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help and advice.


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