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Hatching Eggs

Our new online shop is starting to get stocked with our fertile hatching eggs, more will be added as we check their fertility over the coming weeks. You can order or your eggs online, either all from one breed or ‘pick n mix’ your selection.
The eggs can either be collected directly from Pages Poultry or we can pack and most them out to you.



Latest News

Handmade Hen Houses

Please visit our Service Page for details on the bespoke hen houses that are made by a local craftsman

Holiday Bookings
Due to an increase in feed prices, from the 1st January our holiday boarding charges will be increasing to £4.00 per night



Our New Shetland Geese!

New additions to the Page’s Poultry family, we are now the proud owners of very rare Shetland Geese. This breed are auto sexing so from day old you can tell the sex from sight. As the name suggests they are from the Shetland isles so are very hardy geese. Most of the year they can sustain themselves on grass alone.
We will have a few pairs for sale shortly and then goslings will be available next year.