Birds for sale

All the birds we have for sale at Pages Poultry have been treated for worms and mites. If the birds have been acquired from another breeder we keep them in quarantine initially to make sure they are in full fitness before being put up for sale.

Please ask as many questions as you would like regarding the different breeds as some may not be suitable for you circumstances, we want to make sure that you have the perfect match for you and the birds sake. We can also advise on egg laying capability, egg colour and temperament.

We sell cardboard pet carriers which will take 2/3 birds at £3 each or  please bring something suitable to take your birds away in, this could be a cardboard box with ventilation holes cut in, a pet carrier, pet cage or poultry crate.
Please browse below for what is currently available or contact us to see if we have anything coming in.

Birds can be reserved for up to 2 weeks with a 25% deposit.

Updated 17/05/19
**MARCH Buy 6 hybrid chickens and get a free feeder and drinker.**
Loman Browns

£10 each
36 available

White Star
(white eggs)
£15 each
2 available
£15 each
15 available
Needwood Chestnuts
(dark brown eggs)

£20 each
2 available
Sussex Star£15 each
9 available
Speckledy£15 each
7 available
Needwood Blue (blue egg layer)£20 each
7 available
Cheshire Blue (blue eggs)£20 each
21 available
Rustic Blue (blue eggs)£20 each
0 available
More on June 8th
Gold Star Blacktail
£15 each
11 available

Amber Link£15 each
14 available
Black Star£15 each
5 available
Quartet Silver Sussex Bantams - show Quality£100.00 for the Quartet
2018 bred, pullets now POL
Show Quality stock bred by Chris Woolley
NEW - Staffordshire Blue Hybrid Bantams£16.00
4 avaliable
New - Staffordhire Black Hybrid Bantam£16.00 each
2 available
New - Staffordshire gol Hybrid Bantam£16.00 each
1 available
Polish cross hybrid bantam£16.00 each
1 available
Trio Pure breed Light Sussex large fowl£70 the trio
1 available
Naked Neck bantams
3 x feamales £20 each
1 x male £15 each
Rare Breed Houdan large fowl2 x Pullets £35 each
1 x cockerel £15 each
Trio Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantams
Show Breeding Stock
£40 for the trio
1 available
Gold Dutch
14 weeks old
Trio £35
Pair £25
Female Cream Legbar Bantams£25 each
17 weeks old
2 available
Trio Silver Dutch Bantams£45 for the trio
1 available
Splash Dutch cockerel
(can be used for blue or bred with the above blue silver)
£10 each
1 available
Dark Indian Game Bantam females£25 each
3 available
Rhode Island Red bantam pullet£22 each
1 available
Jumbo Japanese Females Quails£3.50
5 weeks old
10 avaliable
Commercial Light sussex pure breed pullets£18 each
2 available
6 months old
Isabella Leghorn Bantams
£22 each
4 hen available
1 cockerel available
Pair of LF Orpingtons
Black pullet and choice of black or splash cockerel
£50 for the pair
1 available
Silver Sussex bantam pullet£25 each
2 available
Welsummer bantam£22 each
1 available
Black Minorca Bantam hen£18 each
1 available
Needwood Emeralds
Hybrid green egg laying bantams
£25 each
4 pullets available
1 cockerel
Trio Light Sussex bantams
in lay and fertile
£50 the trio
1 available
Commercial RIR pullet£18 each
1 available
Mandarin Drakes£20 each
2 available
Pigeons - tumblers and tipplers£8 each
350 available
Muscovy Duck and Drakes£20 each
10 available
Yellow Dutch Pullet£15 each
1 available
Cuckoo Maran LF£20 each
1 available