We are pleased to offer you a full range of feed, bedding and accessories in our shop. We also offer the exciting NEW feed from Verm X, your chickens will be wormed all year around without you remembering each month.  If there is anything else you require please contact us and it might be something we can order in for you.
Advice is available for you on what you might need and we will answer any questions you might have to the best of our abilities.

img1Massey Chick Crumb with ACS 25kg £11.00
img1Massey Growers Pellets with ACS 25kg £9.50
img1Massey Layers Pellets 25kg£9.00
img1Massey Layers Meal 25kg £9.00
img2Youngs Mixed Corn 20kg £8.50
img17-1Mixed Grit 1ltr £3.00
img17-1Oyster Shell Grit 1ltr £3.50
img24-1Shavings 1.3kg £2.99
img24-1Shavings 5kg £6.99
img25Miscanthus bedding – can be composted. £7.50


img27-2Virkon S Disinfectant – DEFRA approved 50g £2.50
Chicktec Hatchery Sanitiser – for cleaning incubators, drinkers, feeders etc 100ml £5.99
img29-1Chick Tec Egg Wash Powder
Amazing for taking dirt off the eggs in a couple of minutes flat for eating or incubating.
Chick Tec Egg Wash Liquid
Amazing for taking dirt off the eggs in a couple of minutes flat for eating or incubating.
img36-1Smite Ready to Use spray
Use on a regular weekly basis to control Red Mite.
750ml £7.00
img37-1Smite Concentrate
Red mite control – makes 16 litres when diluted. Use on a regular weekly basis to control Red Mite.
1 ltr £12.50
img38Smite Powder – Red mite control
To be used as a powder or diluted into water. Can also be used directly onto the bird. ORGANIC.

350g £8.30
img37-1Smite Concentrate
Red Mite Control. Use on a regular weekly basis to control Red Mite.
5ltr £21.00
img40Smite Powder
Use on a regular weekly basis to control Red Mite.
1kg £11.99


Treatment for coccidiosis in birds.
112ml £8.30
Treatment for coccidiosis in birds.
Veterinary Wound Powder 20g £3.99
Veterinary Wound Powder 125g £8.49
Gentian Violet Antiseptic Spray 240ml £5.99
Barrier Scaley Leg Ointment
Barrier Anti Feather Pecking Spray 400ml £9.59
img52Stockholm Tar
Stops birds feather pecking and also promotes new growth in the feathers.


img53Cod Liver Oil 500ml£6.40
img56Poultry Spice
Tonic to be mixed in with layers meal.
450g £5.00
AgriVite Enhance Feather –
For feather, shell and bone
AgriVite Enhance Feather –
For feather, shell and bone
AgriVite Poultry Drink 250ml £4.99
AgriVite Poultry Drink 500ml £6.49
img63Apple Cider Vinegar 1ltr £5.00
Apple Cider Vinegar 5ltr £11.00
img64Breathe ‘n’ Thrive
Liquid plant extracts for efficient respiration and to promote respiratory health.
img65Calm ‘n’ Thrive
Liquid supplement to support immune system and reduce stress.
250ml £9.99
img64Herb ‘n’ Thrive
Concentrated blend of herbal oils including oregano with natural anti-bacterial and anti-coccidial properties.
250ml £14.49
Soluble multi-vitamin
img70Davinova C
Liquid calcium to promote good bone growth and strength


img72Conical Heat Lamp
Includes chain for hanging, also used for puppies as well as poultry.
img73Traditional Heap Lamp
Larger shade to cover a larger area of chicks.
img73Traditional Heat Lamp – New smaller size

175w Energy efficient bulb
30% more efficient CLEAR

175w Energy efficient bulb
30% more efficient RUBY RED

IMG76Heat Lamp Bulbs – 150w Clear £5.49
img77Heat Lamp Bulbs – 150w Ruby £5.49
IMG76Heat Lamp Bulbs – 250w Clear £5.49
img77Heat Lamp Bulbs – 250w Ruby £5.49
Super Flash Candler £17.99
img78Chick Tec Powerlux candler
Strong candler for darker or coloured eggs.
Novital Covatutto 7
Manual incubator which holds up to 6-7 hen eggs or 18 quail eggs.
Novital Covatutto 16
Manual incubator which holds up to 14-16 hen eggs.
Novital Covatutto 16L Digital Automatic
Automatic and digital temp incubator which holds up to 12 - 14 hen eggs.


img84Verm X Wormer – Liquid

250ml £16.90
Verm X Wormer - Liquid 500ml £28.95
80-1Verm X Wormer - Pellets 250g £11.00
80-2Verm X Wormer - Pellets 750g £23.00


img90Neosorexa Gold – Rat Poison 500g£10.99
img91Neosorexa Gold – Rat Poison 1kg £15.99
img92Rubber Bantam Eggs Pack of 4 £3.49
img92Rubber Hen Eggs Pack of 4 £4.49Pack of 4 £4.49
img94Plastic Egg Tray – 20 Duck eggs £1.50
img95Plastic Egg Tray – 30 Chicken Eggs £1.50
img96100 x 16mm click leg rings £6.49
img97100 x 8mm click leg rings £3.49
img98100 x 12mm click leg rings £4.99
img99Galvanised Feed Scoop £5.99
Plastic Feed Scoop £2.99


img102Plastic D-Cup Drinker/Feeder with metal hooks 11cm £1.99
img103Stainless Steel Coop Cups Small £2.79
img104Stainless Steel Coop CupsMedium £3.49
img104Stainless Steel Coop Cups Large £4.99
img104Stainless Steel Coop Cups Extra Large£6.89
img108Green and White Drinker 1.3ltr £4.50
img109Red and White Drinker 1.5ltr £3.99
img111Orange and White Drinker 2.5ltr £8.50
img110Red and White Drinker 3ltr £4.99
img112Orange and White Drinker 4ltr £10.50
img109Red and White Drinker 6ltr £8.99
img110Red and White Drinker 12ltr £12.99
img116Galvanised Bucket Drinker £24.99
img122Tripod Drinker 25ltrs £34.99
img123Red and White Feeder 1kg£3.99
img124Orange and White Feeder 1.5kg £3.99
img123Red and White Feeder3kg £6.99
img126Orange and White Feeder 3kg £8.99
img124Orange and White Feeder 5kg£10.99
img123Red and White Feeder 6kg £9.99
img123Red and White Feeder 10kg £14.99
img128All Weather Feeder 6kg £21.99
img129All Weather King Feeder 25kg £29.99
img130Plastic chick feed trough 30cm long £4.99
img131Plastic Chicken/Duck feed trough 50cm long £6.99


Starting with a smallholding
Katie Thear
img136Starting with Chickens
Katie Thear
img137Starting with Ducks
Katie Thear
img139Starting with Geese
Katie Thear
img140Starting with Turkeys
Katie Thear
img141Starting with Bantams
David Scrivener
img142Incubation a guide to hatching
Katie Thear
img144Keeping Quail
Katie Thear


img145Chicken Lickin Nutri Peck Block 230g £2.80
img146Chicken Lickin Nutri Peck Block 1.4kg £9.99
img148Nutri Sect Insect Mix 1ltr£7.49
img149Nutri Sect Insect Mix 3ltr£13.49
img150Chicken Lickin Grit Block 150g £1.60
img151Johnsons Anti-Mite Extra 250ml £4.50