Our Breeding Birds

We have a number of pure breeds that we keep ourselves, either for pleasure or for showing purposes. We will have hatching eggs or chicks available from these birds at certain times of the year. These birds can be seen at Page’s Poultry, details of them are below.
We also have the hybrid laying hens on site at all times of the year. At the bottom is a write up about each different types of hybrid, we thoroughly recommend these birds for first time keepers and customers that are looking for friendly, high yield egg laying birds.

Pure Breed Chickens – Large Fowl


Orpington – Black, Blue, Splash and Buff

TypeLarge, heavy, soft feather

Personality – friendly, docile, cuddly

Egg laying – about 160 eggs a year

Beautiful looking birds which are mainly kept for pets or showing. Easy to keep and will not fly so can be kept in an open environment. Can make good mothers as a broody.

Brahma – Gold, Dark and White

Type – Large, heavy, soft feather

Personality – Gentle giants, docile, easy to handle

Egg Laying – about 140 eggs a year

A very big tall bird, one of the biggest you will get. Majestic. Come in striking colours. Feathered legs so need to be checked regularly for mites. Because of their size they will not fly so can be kept in an open environment.


 Russian Orloff – Spangled and Mottled 

Type – Light Rare

Personality – Very inquisitive, quite lively, friendly

Egg Laying – Around 210 a year, big blue/green coloured egg

Very attractive bird with multi-coloured feathers, fantastic egg layer which will produce lovely blue/green eggs to brighten up your egg basket. Impressive looking cockerel. Auto-sexing breed.

Sussex – Light and Speckled 

Type – Large, Heavy, Soft feather

Personality – Easy to handle, friendly, inquisitive

Egg Laying – Around 220 eggs a year, light coloured egg.

This is one of the traditional breeds that you would have seen in farmyards in years gone by. A great egg laying and meat producing bird that comes in many stunning colours. This is a great all round bird, perfect for new keepers, it has everything going for it.

Cochin – Buff

Type – Large, Heavy, Soft Feather

Personality – friendly, docile, cuddly



 Japanese Quail

Fantastic little birds which are very easy to keep and do not cost a lot of money either. They are prolific little layers and can become very friendly.

Darker coloured coturnix  variety.

Italian Quail

Very small little quail, can be quite jumpy and flighty. They produce a tiny little egg (like a Cadbury’s mini egg).
Come in very bright attractive colours, ideal bottom feeders for in an avery or indoor pets.

Cayuga Ducks

Type – Heavy big ducks

Personality – Calm, hardy, good forager

Egg Laying – around 100 – 150 eggs a year, dark – light grey egg

These are stunning looking birds, with black/green feather plumage that in certain lights can look blue. They are a great dual purpose bird with good egg laying capability and also meat birds.

Saxony Ducks

Type – Heavy big ducks

Personality – very laid back, quick maturing, good all-rounder

Egg Laying – around 150 eggs a year

These ducks lay a very big white egg. Lovely back garden ducks but do require a reasonable amount of space. Lovely colouring, big and cuddly. Another great dual purpose duck.

Buff Orpington Ducks

Type – Light

Personality – energetic and alert, intelligent, good back yard ducks

Egg Laying – up to 200 eggs a year

Lovely sandy coloured duck that is a nice medium size. Dual purpose, extremely good egg layer.

Wyandottes (we currently have Silver laced and Blue laced in bantams)

Type – Large, Heavy, Soft Feather

Personality – calm but active, hardy, inquisitive

Egg Laying – about 200 a year

This breed comes in many attractive colours and is a very popular back garden breed. Lovely to look at, great personality and good egg laying capability. Compact birds with smooth feathers. Happy to free range but may need their wings clipping in the bantam version if fences are smaller.

African Geese

Type – Heavy

Personality – Massive, gentle, noisy, long lived.

Egg Laying – around 30 eggs a year

We have kept these geese for many years and have rarely had an aggressive male, they tend to be gentle and friendly. Very big birds and can be very noisy. Great for keeping the grass down.

Guinea Fowl

Fantastic dual purpose birds, prolific layers and great meat for the table. These birds can be kept enclosed or will roost up the trees at night. Can be used as watch dogs as become very noisy if there are unwelcome visitors either 2 or 4 legged!

Hybrid Laying Hens

Hybrids are another name for a cross breed which has been specifically bred for its laying capacity. They are ideal for the first time poultry keeper for 4 reasons –
1. They are easy to maintain
2. They are friendly
3. They lay lots of shop size eggs
4. They come in some lovely colours.
These hens can lay up to about 320 eggs a year, and are a good size. They can be bred to lay different coloured eggs as specified below –

  • Loman-Brown Loman Brown
    These birds are your traditional brown laying hen, also known as the ISA Brown or Warren. They lay a shop coloured brown eggs, managing about 305 eggs in their first year.
  • White-Star
    White Star (pure white bird)
    This hen is based on the White Leghorn and laying beautiful white eggs. We have had feedback that these birds are egg machines! They lay up to 310 eggs in their first year.
  • Copper-Star
    Copper Star (Black with dark gold neck/tail feathers)
    This bird is based on the Copper Black Maran, they lay the most amazing conker brown eggs. They are nice big birds with a lovely soft temperament. These birds lay up to 275 eggs in the first year.
  • Sussex-Star-(2)
    Sussex Star (white with Black neck/tail feathers)
    These birds are based on the Light Sussex and would look dazaling in any garden. These birds lay a traditional brown egg and can lay up to 275 eggs in there first year.
  • Gold-Star-hen2
    Gold Star (Brown with black neck/tail feathers)
    This is lovely hybrid made from a cross between 2 of the most traditional breeds the Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red. It is a very hardy and robust bird. This bird will produce around 295 eggs in its first year.
  • Black-Stars
    Black Star (Black with lighter gold neck/tail feathers)
    This is a modern black and gold bird which has been bred from the Barred Rock and Rhode lines. It is a very hardy and robust bird. This bird will produce around 295 eggs in its first year.
  • Speckldey
    Speckledy (Grey and white speckled feathers)
    This is a lovely fancy looking bird, very similar to the Cuckoo Maran. A nice big bird. This bird will produce around 295 eggs in its first year.
  • Bluebells
    This bird has striking blue/grey plumage with lovely lacing which makes it a very popular bird. It will lay up to 275 eggs in its first year.
  • Magpie (Black with silver neck feathers)
    This is a lovely looking bird (have to say my favourite). Based on the look of the Silver Sussex pure breed. It will lay about 280 shop coloured brown eggs.
  • needwood blue
    Needwood Blue
    This bird lays a BLUE/GREEN egg and is based on the pure breed Cream Legbar. VERY popular and tends to go out of stock very quickly. It lays about 275 eggs a year. Don’t forget if you are selling your eggs you can get a premium for the tinted coloured eggs.