Want to go away for a few days or longer? No-one to look after your birds? We offer holiday boarding in a safe knowledgeable environment. The birds have their own separate pen and run that can house up to 8 birds. If you have ducks, we have a portable pond to ensure they have a home from home. All sets of birds are nominated coloured legrings on arrival in case we have any escapees from their pen, it is like Centre Parcs for chickens after all. All the pens are outdoors in the fresh air.
    The cost of the boarding is £3 per night per pen. The pen will take up to 8 birds and this can be a mix of chickens and ducks if needed. All feed and bedding is included in the price so all you have to bring is your birds. To book your pen please ring or e-mail with the following details – Name, telephone number, number of hens, drop off and pick up date and time. Payment is taken when the birds are collected in case of flight delays etc….

    For those of you who have enjoyed the experience of hatching your own chicks we offer a cockerel re-homing service. Not everyone can keep a cockerel or maybe you have too many and they are starting to fight. Here at Pages Poultry we will take your cockerels in and try our best to get them re-homed for you. Please ring to let us know you are coming.

    We are by no means qualified vets but over the years we have experienced most of the things that can go wrong with poultry and would be happy to share our knowledge with you. We can advise you on treatments we would use on our chickens should they have the same symptoms but we cannot be held responsible if anything should go wrong. After all we are not vets but we are willing to help. For general welfare and illnesses please just ask, we will also give advise when purchasing your birds.
    Keeping poultry is now such a popular hobby, what could be better than some gift vouchers for a Birthday or Christmas present. They could choose a new birds or simply stock up on products. A simple, but effective gift that many would enjoy.

  • Wing Clipping
    We are happy to clip the wings of your birds to help you stop them from escaping from their pens, this is charged at £1 a bird or can be done when purchasing your birds for free.