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World Egg Day

World Egg Day-Friday 12th October 2018

Come and celebrate the mighty egg at Page’s Poultry.  We are offering an Egg & Spoon or 10% off everything on Friday 12th October.  Off all the birds and accessories.(except feed and bedding)


Red Mite Season!!

Autumn is in the air, but wuth the warm spell we have had last week the red mite are back! Its not a dirty word or a reflection on anyones hen house keeping just bad luck!

An easy way to check if they are about in your shed is to place some Vaseline at the end of perch bars, corners of the sheds or on the edge of the nest boxes. If there are any around they will be stuck in the Vaseline in the morning. You can also rub around your hen house doors with kitchen towel at dusk, if there is a brown smear, sadly its mites.  If this is not treated they will kill your birds. The mites live in your house and feed on the birds at night. You need to treat the house and the hens.  Broody hens sitting on nests of eggs are especially at risk so please be aware.

We have loads of products that can help in our shop. If you have any questions or require advice on what to treat them with please contact us.

Our New Shetland Geese!

New additions to the Page’s Poultry family, we are now the proud owners of very rare Shetland Geese. This breed are auto sexing so from day old you can tell the sex from sight. As the name suggests they are from the Shetland isles so are very hardy geese. Most of the year they can sustain themselves on grass alone.
We will have a few pairs for sale shortly and then goslings will be available next year.