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New Arrivals

Our latest lovely coloured hybrid hens have arrived!

The full range of hybrid hens are now back in stock. Loman Browns, Sussex Stars, Bluebells, Copper Stars, White Stars, Speckldeys, Magpies and Buttercups… All fantastic layers and lovely to look at in the garden. Come and choose your new additions……..

Red Mite Season!!

Please be aware as the weather gets warmer the red mite will become more prolific and start to cause real problems. An easy way to check if they are about in your shed is to place some Vaseline at the end of perch bars, corners of the sheds or on the edge of the nest boxes. If there are any around they will be stuck in the Vaseline in the morning. If this is not treated they will kill your birds. Broody hens sitting on nests of eggs are especially at risk so please be aware. If you have any questions or require advice on what to treat them with please contact us.

Our New Turkeys!!

New additions to the Page’s Poultry family is ‘Bernard and his 3 girls. They are pure breed bronze turkeys and although not everyone’s cup of tea to look at they are fascinating.  Did you know that you can tell what a turkey is thinking by the colour it changes its head too!! Yes it’s true. Red, Blue and White… We are already getting eggs from these gorgeous birds so there should be turkey poults soon for you to purchase.